Support (before & at university)

Studying in a foreign or second language can be demanding. You will need time to adjust to a new place and culture, to studying full-time in English and possibly to unfamiliar learning methods. Everyone goes through this transition and whilst for some it is relatively straightforward, for many it is a period of uncertainty. It's easy to fall behind in your academic work when you are trying to adjust to an unfamiliar environment, culture and language.
At BFS we are always glad to hear from our graduates and hear what they have been up to. While its satisfying to hear about your successes, we are equally concerned to hear if you are experiencing any difficulties. If you have a minor problem it is usually possible for one of our staff to help you immediately. For more basic or long term issues, whether academic, finacial or personal, we offer a confidential, suppport service that can help you while you adjust to your new environment or complete your academic assignments.
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University applications

Let BFS help you produce a convincing university application:
•UCAS application (UK)
•Common Application (US)
•Individual university applications
•BFS can take the anxiety and frustration out of the application process
  • • advice about choice of courses and universities
    • application service
    • help with personal statements and essays
    • clearing advice (UK)
    • entrance examination and scholarship support
    • university interview preparation
    • document translation

  • We'll make the most of the information you supply us in order to make your applications attractive to admissions tutors:
    • advice about choice of courses and universities
    • help with personal statement
    • help with application essays
    • university interview preparation
    • applications for scholarships/bursaries
    • document translation

Preparation for work abroad

Thinking of working in the UK/ USA/ Australia or Canada? BFS offers an individually-designed programme covering the essential practical skills, including English and cultural orientation classes, and the documentation you will require:
• Language development: we will assess your English language competency and provide relevant lessons to bring you up to the standard you require in an English-speaking environment, including work-related terminology.
• Help with recognition of qualifications
• Document preparation and/or translation